The Project Aim of the project

The project addresses a European topic (Victims Directive) with a European approach and partnership. It contributes directly and in several ways to the priority addressed by a) enables a focused cross-fertilization and exchange of knowledge and practices on articles 22 and 26 of the Directive b) it develops practical tools that can be used by practitioners and policy makers on three critical issues of the Victims Directive c) it provides capacity building (art. 25) and promotes networking among professionals nationally and transnationally d) it enables and the exchange and dissemination of good practice; e) the results are transferable and open to free use by any interested party after the end of the project.

The specific objectives of the project are:

  • to identify and disseminate model practices for victim identification, individualized needs assessment and referral mechanisms compatible with the standards set in the Directive and transferrable across different systems
  • to build the capacity of victim support institutions in the participating countries and encourage the use of common practices and tools across Europe

to encourage the exchange of knowledge, good practice and networking at national and transnational level.