Reports on practices

Model Practices

A set of practices will be selected that best reflect the Directive standards. These ‘model’ practices will cover all institutions targeted by the study (ie model practices for police/prosecution, model practices for health authorities, model practices for victim support services, model practices for NGOs) and all themes covered (ie model practices for victim identification, needs assessment, referral services).

Manual on model practices


The checklist will be helpful for policy makers in their effort to determine to what extent practices other than the ones that have been scrutinised or practices within other institutions are compatible with the standards of the Victims’ Directive

Checklist of compatibility of proposed model practices

Training material & modules for professionals

The modules and training materials will aim to transfer knowledge to the target groups (policy makers, police/prosecutors, health professionals, victim support services. NGOs) on the standards set in the Directive with regard to victim identification, needs assessment and referral services


Manual on compatible practices

The manual on Directive –compatible practices is the main output of the project and it will cover all institutions and all themes covered by the project.

Manual on Directive – compatible practices