Capacity building workshops in Bulgaria

Capacity building workshops in Bulgaria

On 30 and 31 May 2017 the Center for the Study of Democracy will hold two capacity building workshops for various legal professions – judges, prosecutors, investigative police, attorneys – as well as social and child protection workers on practices for identification, individual needs assessment and referral of victims of crime.

Prof. Dr. Dobrinka Chankova, professor in criminal procedure, will acquaint the participants with the EU and national legal and institutional framework for protecting victims and the challenges before transposing EU law. Miriana Ilcheva, Research Fellow with the Law Program of the Center, will present the results of the initiative ‘Developing Directive-compatible practices for the identification, assessment and referral of victims’, and the participants will work on a hypothetical on identifying and protecting victims and also they will elaborate on checklists for compatibility of national victim practices with EU law.

Please find attached the Agenda of the two Capacity building workshops:

Agenda 30-05-2017

Agenda 31-05-2017


Please see below fotos and presentations from the two Days Capacity Building Events in Bulgaria:

1st Day: Victims of crime in EU and national law – identification, needs assessment and referral

2nd Day: Identification, needs assessment and referral of victims of crime in the EU and in Bulgaria – legal and social dimensions

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